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SecurView SV-5150

Wide Angle License Plate Camera with a Swivel Mount The SV-5150 is a license plate camera that mounts to the front side of the license plate using the same mounting points. This camera offers a wide 170⁰ view with a swivel mount.

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The SV-5150 is a license plate mounted, 170⁰ view camera with a swivel mount. This camera is designed to be mounted on the front side of the license plate using the existing mounting holes and hardware. The swivel mount will allow you to get the best viewing angle available. The camera offers selectable parking assist lines, meaning you can have them on or off. It also offers selectable forward or reverse facing options, what that means is that it can be mount to the rear or front of the vehicle. This is a great feature, especially if you have a lower vehicle as you can switch on the front camera and be sure you are not going to bump something. This camera is made from a durable die-cast metal and comes in either a black or chrome finish. No need to worry about how it will hold up in harsh conditions as it is waterproof.


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