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Fortress FS-89

2-Way FM/FM LCD Touch Screen Combo Security, Keyless Entry and Remote Start System The FS-89 is an advanced 2-Way combo system operating on a 915 MHz FM frequency that will add sophistication and style to your car key chain while giving you full control over your vehicle’s security functions. This advanced system has an operational range of 4000 Ft. and is controlled with a rechargeable 2-Way touch screen LCD remote that uses 3D graphics, audible voice tones and vibration for confirmation of status, triggers and remote engine starting.

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The FS-89 is one of our most advanced 2-Way combo systems and is a new line of luxury in the industry of vehicle security products. This system operates on a 915 MHz FM frequency with a 4000 ft. range and is controlled with a rechargeable full-color touch screen LCD transmitter which lets the user stay in constant contact with the vehicle. Sending and receiving commands is almost instant giving audible voice tones and full color 3D graphics for confirmation and with the touch screen, the user can easily navigate through the multiple menus of the remote.

The LCD remote offers new color 3D graphics and audible voice tones to confirm user commands and can illustrate any event that occurs in the system such as remote start, alarm trigger, trunk pop, etc. There is also a full trigger history menu that will display the past four triggers of the alarm to the user. The history reads out the time, date, and zone that was set off whether it be the shock sensor, door, hood / trunk or ignition. You can also download your own vehicle images onto your LCD remote using the optional FS-IDA-689 USB cable. This cable allows you to plug into the LCD remote and to your computer and download your own images into your remote. The software is very easy to use and takes only a few minutes to install onto your computer.


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