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  • K40 ELECTRONICS – Laser Defuser G5 – K40G5

    Police laser guns are wicked fast. When your vehicle is directly targeted, you need more than quick reactions. You need light speed protection that responds instantaneously and offers you precious time to slow down and avoid a speeding ticket. The Laser Defuser g5 is the laser jamming solution that can be custom installed by itself or incorporated with any K40 remote radar detection solution.

  • K40 ELECTRONICS – RL360i Radar Detector – K40rl360i

    The RL360i offers the highest radar detection performance available in a discreet, custom installed system. With separate front and rear receivers, you’ll drive with full confidence in knowing which direction a police radar threat exists.

  • K40 ELECTRONICS – RD950 Radar / Laser Detector – K40RD950

    The RD950 is the easiest to own and operate K40 radar and laser detector that offers superior – and guaranteed – protection against speeding tickets.

  • K40 ELECTRONICS – RLS2 Radar / Laser Detector – K40RLS2

    Utilizing many of the same advanced technologies found in our acclaimed remote installed radar detection systems, the high-performance RLS2 packs a powerful defensive punch into a convenient, portable design.

  • K40 ELECTRONICS – RL200i Radar Detector – K40RL200I

    The RL200i front radar detection system embodies the same attributes we set out to define as industry standards when we introduced the world’s first remote, custom installed radar detector in 1983. Performance. Convenience. Flexibility.